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Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund

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Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund

A meaningful and happy life is what Morrison Huston wanted for his daughter, Posie, and all the villagers who live in community at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.

Morrie was a great influence on Camphill Kimberton.  He connected.  He knew the value of authentic relationships and experiences.  He organized ice skating trips, rode on parade floats, and welcomed villagers to sit with him during Board meetings.  Enriching the lives of his special friends at Camphill Kimberton was the sole aim and purpose of his many years of devoted service to this organization, including 18 years as Board President.

Through the Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund, established following his death in 2008, we are able to continue his legacy and offer enjoyable outings, experiences, vacations and cultural activities to our residents, many who have minimal or no family support.  Even research tells us what we already know: that vacations relieve stress, increase productivity at work and improve health and relationships.

Everyone deserves some rest and relaxation, including people with developmental disabilities, and Morrie was deeply committed to nurturing these experiences.

If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about the fund, please contact Craig Williams at or 610-935-8660. To make a contribution to the fund, kindly make your check payable to “CVKH” with the notation “Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund.”  To make an online gift, click here.

We went out for ice cream. We went bowling.  We slept in a motel.  We went out to dinner.  I like taking a break and getting away for a while.  I would like to go on more village trips if there was another one.”   – Diana Tomasko