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Mornings begin quietly, often before light. The first task is to start a fire in the oven, or prepare the oven for baking bread, or to mix the day’s cookie dough.

The crew’s work day officially begins at 8:30 a.m. Most days though, Mike is walking up the driveway by 8:00. He begins work by putting away the baskets in which the loaves, now baked, were rising; or if we are baking cookies, he will set out the cookie trays and prepare to scoop chocolate chip cookie dough.

When Barry arrives, around a quarter after eight, with his thermos full of some steaming drink, the quiet mood of the early morning has ended, and as the rest of the crew appears, the day’s rising activity soon fills the bakery. So we find ourselves each day, faced with the tasks of mixing dough, scooping cookies, baking bread, washing dishes. We face the challenges of working together, resolving conflict, keeping our spirits light. Each day we attempt to rise to these challenges as best we can: To bake the best possible bread, the most delicious cookies, and to do it in a place of care, respect, and joy.

Our ingredients are the highest quality:

  • Organic and local whenever possible
  • All of our whole grain flour we grind fresh in a slow moving stone mill
  • Our unbleached white flour comes directly from a mill in Minnesota and retains the wheat germ
  • We use a combination of organic sugar and Sucanat, a completely unrefined sugar
  • Fresh, cultured butter
  • Unrefined salt

Everything we make is handmade with care in small quantities:

  • The bread is mixed and shaped by hand and baked in a wood fired brick oven
  • The bread is all naturally leavened
  • The cookies are scooped by hand, then baked, bagged and delivered fresh
  • Our Granola is made with presoaked oats, coconut oil and just enough Sucanat sugar

To purchase our bread, cookies and granola directly, come and visit us at Sweet Water Baking Company, in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.  The Camphill Café, which is open Wednesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. has cookies and granola available for sale. Bread is available directly from the Bakery, adjacent to the Café, on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

You can also purchase our products at these retailers or markets:

Kimberton Whole Foods
– Collegeville
– Kimberton
– Douglassville
– Downingtown
– Malvern
– Ottsville

Gateway Pharmacy, Phoenixville

Great Earth Vitamin Store, Gateway Shopping Center, Wayne

Hartz Natural Foods, Morgantown

Hungry Hollow Co-op, Spring Valley, NY

Lionville Health Food Store, Lionville.

Longview Market, Collegeville

Martindale’s Market, Springfield, PA

Mom’s Organic Market
– Bryn Mawr
– Center City Philadelphia

Seven Stars Farm, Kimberton

Weaver’s Way Co-op
– Ambler
– Chesnut Hill
– Mt. Airy

Essene Market, South Philadelphia

Shanti Yoga/Spiritual Foods, Bethesda, MD

Seven Stars Farm Shop, Kimberton

Soltane Cafe, Phoenixville

Artisan’s Cafe, Phoenixville

Camphill CAfe, Kimberton

Bistro on Bridge, Phoenixville

Morgantown Coffeehouse, Morgantown

Kimberton Waldorf School

Seasonally, items are available at:

Phoenixville Farmers Market

Sankanac CSA

Charlestown CSA

Pleasant Pastures, Honeybrook

Meadowbreeze Farm, Christiana

Bodhi Market, Ottsville

Special orders can be placed with the bakery directly, by calling 610-935-1060. All orders must be picked up.

For more information, contact