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CVKH’s Mosaic Workshop announces first public art show and sale

Kimberton Hills’ Mosaic Workshop hosts sale and reception on September 11, 2015

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills’ Mosaic Workshop will host its first public art show and sale, with art work on display in the Camphill Café throughout September and October.


Johannah preparing her tiles for her mosaic. The pottery workshop provided the slab of clay from which Johannah used a template to cut out triangular shapes. Here she is adding the “slip” – which helped adhere the bright red glaze before they were put into the kiln.

A reception, open to the public, will be held Friday, September 11 from 7-9 p.m. in the Camphill Café.  Join us for live music, dessert and coffee.  Kimberton Hills artists will be present to discuss their work and their process.

The Mosaic Workshop is one of several craft workshops at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, an intentional community located in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, that specially includes adults with developmental disabilities.

Serena House Coworker Judith Hokky leads the art workshop with nine villagers participating, including Sebastian, Cindy, Eva, Ross, Holly, Alan, Johannah, Ina and Michelle. With the ultimate goal to focus on mosaic work, Judith worked toward a foundation of knowledge by discussing elements and principles of design, including line, shape, color, balance and pattern.

“Work went into learning the basics of design so that the villagers could incorporate these into their projects,” says Judith.

Judith and Michelle

Judith and Michelle with Michelle’s table top as a work-in-progress. The table-top will find its home in the Camphill Cafe.

The workshop was started just one year ago, but the benefits are already apparent. The process of placing the small pieces is good practice for building fine motor skills and developing patience. The villagers are able to experience growth in their creative skills as they work on improving their artwork. With the help of Kimberton Hills’ Art Therapist Mimi Coleman, the group participated in an art critique where feedback and advice was shared to improve aesthetic features such as the overall design and color scheme of their mosaic work.

“The villagers are creating pieces of art that they are proud of,” says Judith. “I can see that they feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish a mosaic.”

“It’s a beautiful activity,” says Michele Acquaviva, one of the nine artists.

In addition to Judith’s guidance, the workshop receives support from Kimberton Hills interns and outside volunteers.  Materials have been donated by local tilework companies, including Toscano Tile, Marble and Mohawk Tile and Marble, and Rodney Platt, a ceramic tile contractor.

Before her time at Kimberton Hills, Judith earned a Master’s in Education with a certification in visual art and spent time teaching art in both public schools and non-profit organizations.

“I believe strongly in the value of art and its ability to strengthen imagination and creativity,” says Judith.  “This is my passion.”



The goal was to produce art that can be seen and appreciated in the Camphill community and beyond. This art show and sale has been Judith’s vision since the start of the workshop.

“As a teacher, I believe strongly that art needs to be seen and shown to as large an audience as possible,” says Judith. “Not only does this provide an enriching experience to the viewers, it also motivates the artist to create quality works of art.”

A preview of the mosaics available for sale can be found at

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