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Day and Group Volunteering

Day and Group Volunteering

Kimberton Hills is a lively community of volunteers and people who have developmental disabilities. Becoming a regular volunteer can provide consistency that helps build relationships of trust, and helps develop confidence for yourself and for people with special needs.  The pace of life at Kimberton Hills is in touch with the natural rhythm of the seasons. People have time to share a word with each other passing by on the path, enjoy the smell of the wood smoke and freshly baking bread in the air, and feel a little special when met with a warm, heartfelt greeting.

Kimberton Hills is a big, little place. There are so many potential areas to volunteer in. People with diverse backgrounds, skills and personal goals can volunteer for a month, a year, a decade or dedicate a lifetime of service (for more information on live-in volunteering opportunities, go to the “Join our Community” tab).

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, areas you may choose to serve in include:

  • Administration and Development
  • Camphill Café
  • Herb Garden
  • Estate (woodland, trails and land care)
  • Fiber Arts, Weavery, Mosaic
  • Kimberton Hills Dairy
  • Houses (cooking and cleaning)
  • Orchard
  • Pottery
  • Sankanac Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Gardens

Day volunteers are generally friends who live in our area and would like to give a few hours periodically to help out in the village and have an opportunity to connect with the members of the community.  We welcome volunteers of all ages, either individually or through organized community service programs.

Definition: A day volunteer commits to a regularly scheduled volunteer service, but does not live in the community.

Responsibilities: These volunteers have varying responsibilities, depending on where they are working in the village.  Most volunteers have a “regular” location of their work and adhere to the responsibilities of that household or workshop.

Additional Details: Day volunteers are not to drive villagers, unless specifically approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Admissions Requirements: A non-resident volunteer registration form is required to be on file.  Two references must be checked and a photo identification check is performed.  Day volunteers must adhere to all village policies, including the drug and alcohol policy.

Day Volunteer Application


For questions or to apply, contact Emily Shaker at

Each year we host numerous volunteer groups who join us for a day or sometimes a week, or sometimes more, of service.  Some groups work together as a team to help us accomplish larger projects, while others break into smaller groups and spread out into various areas of the community to support existing households and workshops.

Definition: Volunteer Groups are volunteers who come together as members of the same school class, organization or company.

Responsibilities: These groups commit to a full work schedule and generally can stay for up to one week.  They usually live outside of the community and have a supervisor who comes with them to oversee the group.

Additional Details: Members of a volunteer group cannot be left alone with villagers, nor can they hold a supervisory role or lead a crew.

Admissions Process: The Volunteer Coordinator handles the admissions process for groups who will volunteer for a day or longer.  Kimberton Hills requires one contact as a representative of the group.  Members of this group do not complete applications individually.

For more information or to apply as a volunteer group, please contact Emily Shaker at