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Eurythmy, voice made visible

Voice Made Visible

According to the Eurythmy Association of North America: “As a movement art, eurythmy brings the essence of music and language to visible manifestation. We not only hear the words and  music but they become visible to our eyes. Through deliberate, sculptured gestures sounds take physical form. Eurythmy is not interpretive of music and poetry. It is a true sounding or singing through the body as an instrument.”

Rudolf Steiner described eurythmy (meaning “harmonious” or archetypal movement in Greek) as visible speech and visible song or tone. 

After its beginnings in 1912 as a new performing art, eurythmy entered the education field as an integral part of the Waldorf School curriculum. Teachers observed that with the introduction of eurythmy, coordination and fine motor skills improved as well as the health of the children. It taught a deep appreciation for the sounds of speech and the elements of music through movement. It provided a medium for an experience of poetry, literature and music.

Therapeutic eurythmy is prescribed according to a health care practitioner’s diagnosis. Health issues such as high and low blood pressure, organ irregularities, poor circulation, migraines, menopause transitions, and depression may be helped with the inclusion of eurthmy in the health plan. It also aids in the strengthening of limbs and in the increase of balance, coordination, flexibility and range of movement.

Chair Eurythmy Several villagers participate in therapeutic eurythmy at Kimberton Hills and a weekly class of “Chair Eurythmy” has been added for our elders and takes place in Serena House, our specially-designed home for aging villagers.

This is just one of many complementary therapies offered at Kimberton Hills.  Additional therapies offered via our Community Health Center include:  art, music, massage and hydrotherapy. These therapies can be very helpful in non-verbally accessing and working through stressful and emotionally upsetting memories and experience. They also can also provide opportunities for important preventative health care intervention because therapists may identify or notice an issue that has not been previously identified.


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