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Fiber Arts


Fiber Arts

Working with the wool from local sheep, we prepare and hand spin yarn for use in the weavery.  We dye much of our yarn with natural plant dyes – growing and gathering dye plants is also part of our work.

These dyes also give the wonderful colors for our plant-dyed silk scarves.  We use only non-toxic mordants.  Because we are working with natural components our products vary seasonally.

We also transform raw wool into felting projects.  Subjecting it to moisture, heat, friction, and pressure causes the hairs to tighten together in a solid mat. The result is a lightweight, windproof, and water-resistant fabric.

In the fiber arts studio, Sue works independently fluffing and picking through the washed, sometimes plant-dyed wool, cleaning it of impurities and letting the essential element of light and air come into the wool.  She does this together with Michelle while colleagues Lynn, Johanna and Andy knit beautiful woolen soft toys – rabbits, cats, pigs, gnomes – and unique hats.  This team also makes felt balls for clothes dryers, eurythmy, juggling and play, and felted jar warmers, hot water bottle covers, and tablet and cell phone covers.

Cindy knew how to finger knit before she came to Camphill Kimberton, making woolen blankets.  She has adapted this skill and now cuts cotton strips to finger crochet 1950s style circular mats.

Our Fiber Arts pieces can be purchased in the Craft Shop or on Etsy.