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Founders Fund

Founders Fund

The Founders Fund was started in our 40th anniversary year in honor of our pioneering founders.  It is a Board-designated fund for sustaining the work of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.  The goal of the Fund is to enable Camphill Kimberton to meet the needs of the village related to villagers whose income or family income fails to cover their costs.

The Fund will accumulate until it reaches $500,000.  Thereafter, the annual return on investment will be used to the extent needed to supplement villager needs.  The Board in its discretion many annually elect to distribute a percentage of the assets of the Fund up to 4% in lieu of the annual return on investment.  The Board in its discretion by a two-thirds majority may expend the income and principal of the Fund if other needs of CVKH require it.

To discuss ways that you can contribute to the Founders Fund, please contact Craig Williams at or 610-935-8660.