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From shears to hats: Pennsylvania Jacob’s sheep wool at Kimberton Hills

From shears to hats: Pennsylvania Jacob’s sheep wool at Kimberton Hills

It’s pretty warm in July in Pennsylvania to be thinking about wool, but we had plenty of it in the Fiber Arts Workshop this morning. This is Jacob’s sheep wool.

Follow the photos to see the transformation from shears to hats.

Our Sankanac CSA is home to sheep but we only receive a small amount of wool from them each year.  We are grateful for the donations of sheep’s wool and llama hair that we receive from our friends and supporters – thank you!

Jacob’s sheep wool roving and yarn is available for purchase via our Craft Shop. We are open Monday-Friday from 9 am-5 pm. If those times are not convenient, please contact the Craft Shop at 610-935-0300, ext. 22 and someone will assist you.

Jacob's sheep wool

This wool was donated to Kimberton Hills by Beverly Goetz, who has a flock of Jacob’s sheep.

Wool in Fiber Arts

Isabella and Felicity pick and fluff the Jacob’s sheep wool in the Fiber Arts Workshop.



Jacob's sheep roving and yarn

Some of the wool is sent to Lydia and John Piper at the Gurdyrun Woolen Mill in Halifax, PA. They card, blend and spin the Jacob’s wool for us. Some we keep as roving for spinning and felting (the round ball of wool) and some is spun into yarn (the skein at the bottom of the photo) and is then ready for knitting and crocheting. Some of the wool is blended with llama hair and spun into yarn. The black yarn in the middle right of the photo is a llama/Jacob’s sheep blend.

Finished Jacob's wool hats

The remainder of the Jacob’s sheep wool is hand spun here at Kimberton Hills. The yarn at the bottom of the photo is hand-spun. The two hats featured here were knit and crocheted with Jacob’s sheep wool.



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