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Each dwelling houses a group of people that become family to one another; the whole community a large, extended family. I am deeply grateful that I was able be a part of Kimberton Hills and to behold what is possible when each person is recognized as fully human and respected. There is a remarkable sense that everyone is needed, everyone has something valuable to contribute, each person is unique and also belongs to the whole.  – Disa, former agricultural apprentice

Life and work in Kimberton Hills is based on the principles of mutual help and interdependence, keeping with the founding intention to do together what we otherwise couldn’t do alone. We are partners and we are peers.

This is community.

120 people both with and without disabilities live and work together practicing “life-sharing” as extended families in homes throughout the village. There are 46 residents with developmental disabilities, two-thirds of whom are now elderly. Many have lived in Kimberton Hills for more than 20 years and have developed deep and lasting relationships and a high quality of life, due to meaningful vocations, daily exercise, good nutrition and good health care.

This is community.

Because of our choice to not accept government funding, we must find other ways to remain financially viable. This includes fundraising. Please consider making a gift today. We are deeply thankful that through our connections with so many friends and supporters, people in Kimberton Hills are able to lead a thriving, joyful and meaningful life.

This is community.

Your gift in any amount will be deeply appreciated and carefully used to enrich the lives of the people with special needs who make Kimberton Hills their home. Thank you!