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In the Wellspring Gallery: Artist Tremain Smith


In the Wellspring Gallery: Artist Tremain Smith

We are pleased to have the work of artist Tremain Smith currently on display in Kepler’s Wellspring Gallery. Tremain’s work is showcased along with our villagers’ art work.

Tremain Smith and Villagers ArtLast fall, Tremain invited the Kimberton Hills Art Workshop to visit her studio in Philadelphia, where she instructed the group on her mixed-media technique.  We met Tremain and began our partnership with her via Art Connection Philadelphia.

Art Connection Philadelphia is a collaborative program that permanently places original works of art with people that would not otherwise have the opportunity to own it. Art Connection serves as an extension of Art-Reach’s mission to empower traditionally underserved communities by expanding their access to arts and culture in our region, by bring visual artwork to places such as group homes, senior activity centers, schools and independent living centers.

Artwork by JohannahThis unique program catalogs original works of art donated by generous individuals and leads local organizations through the process of selecting and permanently installing pieces from that collection that is most meaningful to them. Art Connection Philadelphia also facilitates round-table discussions between organizational leadership and its constituents, and hosts supplemental educational experiences at local arts institutions to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of artwork. Artists whose works are placed attend enriching outings alongside participating groups in an effort to foster deeper mutual understanding of both the artists’ and participants’ life journeys and perspectives.

Tremain Smith has four works in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Her work is in corporate and private collections across the country, and now also has a home in a few different houses at Kimberton Hills.

According to her artist’s statement:

Tremain Smith uses the grid as a structure that she builds upon, layer by layer. From this foundation she moves freely. The lines, shapes and colors become mappings of the unseen as she seeks to visually manifest access to the spiritual. She points out what is invisible or overlooked and is influenced by her urban environment as well as ongoing spiritual research. She then creates paintings that reflect her growth and understandings.

The mixed-media technique she uses is composed of layers of oil glazes, collaged elements and transparent beeswax. She incises, heats, irons, rubs, draws, and paints on the layers, and burns imprints of found metal pieces into the wax and wood.

Historical influences on Smith’s work come from the Abstract Expressionists. She finds inspiration from artists whose work express emotion and freedom in mark-making such as Joan Snyder, and in work reflecting inner purity and restraint such as that of Agnes Martin. Both these types of influences convey a concern for expressing the spiritual through painting.

Smith's work in Martin's HouseLast fall, Tremain (below, left) invited the Kimberton Hills Art Workshop to visit her studio in Philadelphia, where she instructed the group on her mixed-media technique.  She has also been to visit Martin’s House, who had the privilege of displaying Tremain’s art throughout the year.

Tremain and Intern Jacob

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