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Keeping Morrie Huston’s legacy alive: special moments for special people

Morrie and Posie HustonKeeping Morrie Huston’s legacy alive: special moments for special people

During his 18 years as president of the Board of Directors of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, Morrie did all he could to enrich the lives of the villagers in the community, which included his daughter, Posie.

He organized ice skating trips, rode on parade floats, and welcomed villagers to sit with him during Board meetings.  His interest and care was real; it was authentic.  He gave devoted service to Kimberton Hills and ensured that everyone had an opportunity to pursue interests and enjoy life in all its wonderful aspects.

Through the Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund, established following his death in 2008, we are able to continue his legacy and offer enjoyable outings, experiences and cultural activities to our residents, many who have minimal or no family support.

Last year, thanks to the Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund, several villagers took part in the Camphill Challenge, a bike ride event in support of Camphill communities in Pennsylvania.  Also in the fall, two groups of excited villagers traveled with coworkers to Outer Banks, North Carolina. The use of the vacation home was donated to the village by the Andersons – Andy Eisenson’s family – and all of their other expenses were covered by the Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund, providing a wonderful and relaxing vacation for two groups of adults with special needs.

Each year, the funds are spent, and so each year we need to raise more.  What happens when you support the Morrie Huston Villager Activity Fund?  You fling wide the doors of experience for many individuals, providing opportunities for enrichment, education, and just plain fun.  It’s what we all need in our lives ~ regardless of our abilities or disabilities.  BONUS:  instantaneous gratitude and many wide smiles!

Please consider supporting this important fund.  To make an online gift, click here.  Thank you!

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