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Long Term Positions


Long Term Positions

Camphill communities are made possible by the many volunteers who serve in various capacities to support each other and build a strong and ethical community.

People with diverse backgrounds, skills and personal goals join our intentional community for several years of service or for a lifetime, volunteering their time and energy. They live, work, learn and grow with us on our 432-acre farm in Kimberton, Pennsylvania.

Typically Coworkers join Kimberton Hills because they are looking for a lifestyle that matches their ideals. They wish to make a stronger commitment to living in a Camphill community. They want to work with people who have developmental disabilities, and have a strong interest living and working together with others to build a community life in which all members are interconnected. They want to raise their children in an environment which is rich in personal connections and shared culture. People come to us from varied backgrounds, talents and skills in the arts, human services, business, and crafts. Each person within our village strives to find meaningful vocation in the context of community living.

Some of the coworkers at Kimberton Hills are new to the Camphill Movement, while others have lived, worked, and trained in one or more Camphill centers before coming to us, perhaps beginning their experience in Camphill doing a year of service. The decision to make a longer commitment comes about individually through the development of a deeper personal and spiritual connection with the mission and ideals of Camphill. They often make a commitment that lasts years, perhaps a lifetime.

Definition: A coworker is a long term volunteer who commits to joining the community for three years and longer.

Responsibilities: Coworkers are expected to fully participate in Village life and to lead households and/or workshops. Coworkers can take on many roles in village life. Perhaps in addition to managing a household of volunteers, villagers and their own children, and creating a healthy home environment, he or she may have some administrative or organizational responsibility, serve on various committees, run a workshop, or be responsible for work crews working in the home. They can be involved in specific areas of interest such as developing and running a workshop (land or craft), and have an active role in the cultural life of the village.

Long-Term Coworker Application: PDF Long-Term Coworker Application: Word