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There are currently eight villagers in the Mosaic Workshop who have a range of abilities and skills. With the guidance of co-workers and volunteers, villagers create beautiful mosaics. Some of these mosaics include mirrors, wall hangings, votive holders, coasters, tabletops and Lazy Susans. Villagers choose simple and complex designs with a variety of color schemes. They prepare the tiles themselves and then place and glue the tile pieces down. Volunteers grout the mosaics.

“It is a lot of work, but it is all worth it!” says Eva Herz.



Michele is a hard worker in the Mosaic Workshop. She stays focused and pays attention to the fine details in her work. She has steadily shown improvement in her craft and feels a genuine sense of accomplishment when she completes one of her mosaics.


Kay and Ina

Ina brings a lot of enthusiasm to the Mosaic Workshop! With assistance from co-workers and volunteers (pictured here with her friend, Kay), Ina creates beautiful wall hangings with centerpieces that she makes in the pottery workshop here at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.

Eva and Tanvi

It is hard to keep up with Eva as she works very hard in the Mosaic Workshop! Eva (pictured here with volunteer Tanvi) always strives to do her best work, exhibiting unfailing dedication and perseverance – which results in gorgeous mosaic pieces.



Johannah always brings joy to the Mosaic Workshop! Her smiles and positive attitude show in her work as she chooses bright, cheerful colors for her pieces. She enjoys making her own tiles, which are then glazed and fired in the pottery workshop.


Sebastian brings a sense of passion to the Mosaic Workshop. He works at a steady pace, with attention to detail. His vibrant personality inspires his designs and color schemes, which always brings fabulous results to his work!