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New Director of Development

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As I drove through the entrance of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills there was an instant feeling of calm. I took the long drive up to Kepler House and passed by villagers walking to their next destination. They all waved and smiled as I drove on, and I waved and smiled back. I couldn’t help but wear that smile as I walked into Kepler and was greeted by Felicity, Deidra, Judith, and Mark.

Within an hour of sitting with these remarkable and kind women and men, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my time and talents to Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. After talking with them I was lucky enough to join Judith in the mosaic workshop, and assist with the Villagers making mosaics. My heart just bloomed as I watched the Villagers work. They had purpose, they had meaning, and they had a real life.

As someone who grew up loving the outdoors, gardening, creating art and volunteering time to people in need, this place sang a special song to me.  Not only is this expansive and beautiful village a home to nature, biodynamics, and arts, but it is a home to some of the most unique and lovely people in Pennsylvania, Villagers and Co-workers alike.  As I told my friends and family about it, they all said the same thing “It’s like this job is meant for you. This place is all things Kelyn.”

So when Felicity wrote a few weeks later to offer me the position, I, of course, gave an emphatic “yes” and began to talk up the Village to anyone who would listen. I am pretty certain my husband could now tell you most of the basic points of information on Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, or he would at least hold his own with a stranger if he had to talk about it. Sometimes if you open your soul to the universe and ask “What’s next? ” the universe will answer.  Coming to Kimberton Hills was an answer I could get behind. Coming to Kimberton Hills was kismet.

My last place of employment was The Hill School in Pottstown, a private boarding school. There I was charged with building a donor pipeline for an upcoming campaign and completing research on prospective donors. Before that, I worked at Albright College both in Alumni Relations and Development. I helped to plan and execute events, ran a phonathon program, and aided their campaign by writing promotional materials and managing young alumni giving. I’ve been in fundraising for a little over five years now, and am excited to start raising funds for Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.

So while I will be teaching about fundraising, I will be learning about anthroposophy, community life, Kimberton Hills’ history, and the general ins and outs of the way of life here. I can tell you honestly that I will be learning as much from the Villagers and Coworkers here about living an intentional life as they will be learning from me about the joys of fundraising!

And so this is the beginning of a very beautiful relationship, a symbiotic pairing that will hopefully be able to pave a path to success as time marches on. I look forward to meeting you because if you are reading this blog post, you already know how special this place is. Feel free to give me a call, drop me a line, or stop in for a cup of tea. The best fundraising endeavors are built by the best storytellers – and that’s you. I am grateful to you for supporting this place, and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures here.

  1. Welcome! I read your bio and I understand exactly how you feel. Kimberton, where my brother has lived for 25 plus years, is a unique place in this world and you are very lucky to have discovered it. I feel the same way when I drive thru the gates.

    Andy Abramowitz, my brother, is a gardener and knitter, and has lived with Diedre and Michael, and now Martha and Ben, and their respective families.

    I wish you success in your new endeavor and a sense of place and purpose, as my brother has found.

    Jody Weisman

  2. Welcome Kelyn, what a great story. So happy for this next step of your life.

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