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Secret Garden’s Featured Herb: Sage

Secret Garden’s Featured Herb: Sage

From time to time we will be featuring different herbs from the Secret Garden Herb Garden on our blog to spread the word about amazing herbs and how to incorporate them into your life.  

Thank you to our guest blogger, Kelly Stanley from our Secret Garden Herb Garden!

SageSage is a perennial member of the mint family.

The Latin name for sage, salvia, means “to save” or “to heal.”

(Salvia officinalis): Common Sage, Garden Sage, Red Sage

(Salvia apiana): White Sage, Sacred Sage, Desert Sage, Bee Sage

In 1597, herbalist John Gerard wrote that sage was “singularly good for the head and quickeneth the nerves and memory.”

If you look at and feel a sage leaf, it is dry-not juicy, which makes it an astringent (something that dries/tones tissues).

It’s a good aromatherapy herb to dry up excessive mucous, sinus secretions and post nasal drip. Excellent for colds, flu and bronchitis. Try a soothing syrup with honey & sage. It helps sore and strep throat, laryngitis and tonsillitis.

It’s a good women’s herb for irregular menstruation and menopausal night sweats. Sage helps dry up mother’s milk during weaning.

For men, sage supports prostate health.

Traditional Herbal uses: Sage was regularly eaten in ancient times to preserve health and improve memory. Native Americans continue to use sage in purification ceremonies as a smudge stick.

Nils and SageHere are a few ways you can use Sage :

~ For culinary use, Sage goes well with poultry, stuffing, beef, pork, sausage, eggs, cheese, butternut squash, apples, citrus, asparagus, beans, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, corn, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes and turnips!

~ Gingivitis-  Rub this on gums after brushing your teeth and leave on all night. This also seems to help tighten loose teeth.

Make your own toothpaste! Mix 1 Tablespoon of powdered sage, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 3-4 drops of mint essential oil. This has the double action of preventing gingivitis and whitening teeth. 

~ Breath Freshener-chewing fresh mint leaves after meals freshens breath and aids in further digestion–especially after fatty foods.

~ Foot Odor/Fungus- Powdered sage alone or mixed with powdered black walnut hull and put in socks or in shoes. This will stain–no white socks.

~ To dry up milk supply in weaning mothers- Begin drinking 1 -2 cups every other day. Milk will gradually dry up without causing distress to the baby or mother.

~ Mastitis- make a strong sage tea, soak a cloth or towel in it and use as a warm compress directly on breast (s)

~ Menopause-For those suffering with hot flashes or heavy flows, take sage tea (COOL) 2-3 days before your period is expected or for 3-4 days every 2 weeks. For hot flashes, take a tincture (40-50 drops)  before doing tasks that trigger them or in the morning and evening or as needed.

~ Sore throat- make a tea, cool and strain and use as gargle- then drink the rest. If sore throat is severe, add thyme and a pinch of cayenne to the tea. It’s intense but 1-2 treatments usually works wonders.

~ Aging-  drinking a cup of sage tea 2-3 times a week aids in keeping the circulatory system resilient. Sage maintains or improves sight, hearing and the ability to remember.

Be Aware: Volatile oils in sage can build up in the system, so while a little is a great thing, more is not necessary. Pregnant women should not use it as it has a drying effect on amniotic fluid.

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‘Tis the season! Give gifts of foods or herbal crafts and spread the wisdom of herbs! What better gift than one that tastes good, looks good, and makes you FEEL good at the same time?

It also is a time we can reconnect to our ancestors in a very instinctual way, because we use the same plants they did for the same reasons.

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