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Special Needs Community

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Special Needs Community

In Kimberton Hills, we believe that each person has his or her own unique destiny. Inspired by the teachings of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, we try to build an environment that supports each person’s individual striving.

Villagers, adults with developmental disabilities living in Camphill Kimberton, have diverse religious backgrounds, range in age from 23 to 90 years and have a wide variety of mental disabilities from birth or due to cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, Fragile X, other genetic syndromes, autism and brain injuries.

The intentional community living model enables Kimberton Hills to address the vocational, residence, social, emotional, and physical needs of adults with disabilities.  One keystone of this model is an emphasis on opportunities for independence and interdependence for adults with disabilities, which is achieved by work and living situations in which villagers make an active and significant contribution to the village. Many villagers thrive on the accountability and relevance of their work, citing their responsibilities in the café or in the garden as one of their favorite parts of life in Kimberton Hills.

Kimberton Hills provides adults with disabilities with real, meaningful lives that allows for both individual growth, and social connectedness and real community participation.  Furthermore, because coworkers are long-term residents in the village and service volunteers (short term)generally stay a minimum of one year, this structure provides the opportunity for villagers to develop genuine and long-term friendships.

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