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Stickman Brews joins Camphill Kimberton for September’s “What’s for Dinner?” Event

Stickman Brews joins Camphill Kimberton for September’s “What’s for Dinner?” Event

EthanCamphill Village Kimberton Hills is pleased to share it will be featuring beer from Stickman Brews at our next “What’s for Dinner?” fundraising event, set for September 24, 2016.

Stickman Brews focuses on American twists of Belgian-inspired beers. Their beers are made with house cultures of farmhouse and wild yeasts, then fermented and aged in the old-school open-top style.

We recently had the opportunity to visit Stickman Brews (great place in nearby Royersford!) and talked with Ethan Buckman, co-owner. Brendan Tracy, CVKH Grants Manager and Development Assistant, asked Ethan a few questions about Stickman.


StickmanBrendan: How did Stickman Brews come to be, and what’s behind the Stickman?

Ethan: Honestly, there’s not too much of a romantic story here. Jim, Kate and I were qualified to open this business and decided it was a good time to get into it. The Logo similarly doesn’t have a lot of story to it. We were tired of over complicated beer logos, so we just drew stick figures.


B: To the layman beer drinker, how would you explain open top fermentation?

E: We use unsealed tanks to allow an exchange between the beer and outside atmosphere. When handled right, it allows for some really bright and complex flavor notes that you can’t get anywhere else.


B:Stickman_1 What makes the beer you brew so unique?

E: Primarily the fact that we’re the only brewery in the area doing exclusively open fermentation. Our recipes are also less focused on style guidelines, and everything is fermented with farmhouse yeast.



B: What was it that piqued your interest about the What’s for Dinner event?

E: I loved the idea of pairing our beers, which source a lot of local grain, with other locally grown products. I think it’ll make for an excellent event.


We are looking forward to finding out which beers will be served at our What’s for Dinner event.  Until then, learn more about Stickman Brews at and find out more about our farm to table dinner at

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