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We in Kimberton Hills are dedicated to the idea that the health of people and the land are not separate, that a community of people putting healthy ideals into practice can be in a mutually beneficial relationship with the land it stewards. Organic and biodynamic farming, gardening and overall stewardship of the land are important elements of our care for the earth.

“Ecological design is a kind of navigation aid to help us find our bearings again — recasting the human presence in the world in a way that honors ecology, evolution, human dignity, spirit, and the human need for roots and connection.” – David Orr, The Nature of Design

For the full list of our community’s many sustainable practices and building methods, please click here.

Sustainability Practices


Land Use
We practice biodynamic agriculture, which begins with the best organic practices and incorporates a view of the land as a living organism. Preparations similar to homeopathic remedies are applied to the soil or plants at appropriate times throughout the year to renew its vitality. A diversity of cultivated land, pastures for animals, woodlands and gardens further enriches the land and creates a farm organism with dynamic, living energy. Working with the land with respect for its health and integrity, we produce milk, vegetables, fruit and herbs that are free of toxins and bursting with vitality. We are bringing health to our environment, our customers and ourselves through this work.

CSA Garden
Herb Garden

Our strategies can be enacted by anyone: the Kimberton Hills community is composed of young and old, those with special needs and those without. While some of these ideas may take a little extra effort to put into practice, the rewards far outweigh the costs. If you have questions or would like to see these areas for yourself, you are welcome to come and visit. We welcome interaction with the community around us, and would love to dialogue with you.