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Depending on how and why you approach Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, you might think of it first and foremost as a biodynamic farming and gardening training center, or as an example of intentional community living, as a residence for people with “developmental” or “cognitive” disabilities, a local organic food producer, or as a workshop and conference site.  Perhaps you would see it as an ideal place to help students of varying ages integrate ideas about sustainability, social renewal, local sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyles, watershed management, sustainable architecture, and entrepreneurial partnerships.

As an intentional community, it is home to more than 100 people, including adults with disabilities, long-term volunteers and their children, and one to three-year service volunteers and apprentices.  In Kimberton Hills, those with and without so-called disabilities can experience meaningful social and cultural interactions and vocational opportunities, as well as a sense of place in nature and within the flow of the seasons.  It is a place of celebration, learning and creating and we invite you to share in it.

Camphill Kimberton welcomes interested individuals and groups to tour our village community.  Please contact Emily Shaker at for more information and to schedule a visit.  As this is a private residential setting, unless visiting our public areas – the Camphill Café and Craft Shop – please schedule your visit in advance.

Camphill Kimberton is also pleased to host class field trips for schools interested in learning more about the topics above. Please contact Emily at 610-935-0300 Ext. 17 or for more information.

Admissions-focused tours pertaining to potential villagers (adults with disabilities) or volunteers, are scheduled for 11 a.m. on the first Friday of each month.  Please contact Craig Brown in the Admissions Office at or 610-935-3963 to register.