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Update on the Posie Huston Fund for Aging Villagers

Update on the Posie Huston Fund for Aging Villagers

Thank you to our guest blogger, Priscilla Huston! 

A year has passed since we established the Posie Huston Fund for Aging Villagers. Today I want you to know how very grateful we are to all the wonderful friends of Kimberton Hills who have joined together to make this fund a reality.  Your generosity is making a difference and we thank you.

Posie and LeonaWe all know how very important it is for our aging villagers to receive the best possible care and to lead out their lives in a cheerful and peaceful environment.  At Serena House, Judith and Pete Hokky are at present caring for five villagers, 50 years of age and older: Eleanor, David, Sandy, Don and Posie.  Each of these villagers is in need of a great deal of care, often with eating, drinking, bathing and dressing.  Some are now in wheelchairs and are unable to walk or speak.

We need to express our thanks to the additional kind, dedicated coworkers such as Alice (an intern, now back at college), Leona, Ellen, Duncan, Marcello, Jane and Jessica for all that they do to make our elderly villagers comfortable and secure. Their needs are being met in a kind and loving way.

Currently, there are a total of 29 villagers who are considered elderly (50 years of age and older, for this population).  Five live in Serena House, and the other 24 villagers live in homes throughout the village.  All need, or will need, additional assistance. We absolutely must look to the future.

CharleneYour generosity over the past year has made it possible to purchase necessary items for our villagers.  For example, a much-needed mattress for Eleanor, compression stockings for Charlene, and in the near future, a new reclining chair for David.  His old one is worn out and now needs to be replaced.  As other needs arise, we will do our best to meet each and every one.   This restricted fund helps support needs specifically for aging villagers, which may include nursing care, therapy, mobility assistance and health and hygiene products.

Again this year I have committed to match the first $10,000 in contributions to this fund that are raised in the next calendar year.  Please consider contributing again to the Posie Huston Fund for Aging Villagers.  No matter how small or large, your gift will directly benefit the well-being of our elderly villagers.

Please make your check out to CVKH, with the memo “Posie Huston Fund for Aging Villagers” and enclose it in the envelope provided.  You can also contribute online by clicking here.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity or have additional ideas on how we can make this goal a reality, please contact Bernadette Kovaleski, Director of Development, at 610-935-8660 or

Thank you!  Sincerely yours,

Priscilla H. Huston




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