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Village Support Fund

Village Support Fund

The Village Support Fund is our annual operating fund, used to finance the day to day costs of running this community.  Unrestricted gifts to this fund pay for basic needs in Camphill Kimberton, including food and household budgets, workshop supplies, maintenance, and support and energy costs.

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is funded by its own efforts and by the charitable help of foundations, individuals and corporations.  It raises approximately 25% of its operating budget and all of its capital expenditures from these sources.

This income and the simple lifestyle of our community result in an annual fee for a resident with developmental disabilities that is one-fifth less than the average annual cost of a typical group home in Pennsylvania. Despite this economy, 83% of villagers (and their families) cannot meet the fee, and only 47% can meet even half of the fee, including their modest SSI contributions.  As a result, private contributions provide an essential portion of our income.

Your contributions to our Village Support Fund will allow us to continue the healthy community life that is the hallmark of Camphill Village Kimberton Hills. Your gift in any amount will be deeply appreciated and carefully used to enrich the lives of the people with special needs who make Kimberton Hills their home.