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We knit or weave handspun yarn into a variety of articles for home or personal fashion.

Recycling and reusing natural fiber fabrics is a major activity of the weavery workshop.  Strong, all-cotton washable rugs are woven from strips of old denim jeans.  Wool, silk and cotton “rags” are also used in an expanding variety of products.

Our woven goods can be purchased in the Craft Shop or on Etsy.


Gabrielle uses old woolen sweaters that are cut into strips and woven into chunky, thick, warm chair mats.  She has recently started making hats on a circular peg knitting frame.


Sebastian grew up with weaving in the home and learned from his mother, who is a skilled weaver and at one time worked in the weavery here at Camphill Kimberton. He is now a fine weaver, a master of slow cloth, and is inspired by the seasonal festivals.


D.D. specializes in making placemats using strips of cotton cloth, developing her sense of harmony of color to a fine degree.



Charlene uses sheep wool, from our sheep and from fleeces donated by neighboring farms which is washed, picked clean, plant dyed, and drum carded in our fiber arts studio. She then weaves it into thick, soft natural sheep fleece rugs.


Ina cards and blends the sheep wool with llama hair which she spins and plys and weaves into chair mats, which each of the children at the local preschool and kindergarten sit on for their story time.


Bill has developed to a fine art the making of sturdy, strong rugs from old denim jeans that are donated to us for this purpose.